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Last year, we’ve made very good friends with the bold 和 adventurous ultraviolet, 和 it was truly empowering in every sense. It made our wardrobe feel as if we’re immersed in the fabric of the universe, 和 we’ve given our velvet shoes a truly sophisticated makeover with the help of this stunning shade. While some will persevere in wearing this hue in this year as well, 2019 has made way for a new, “确认生命”的色彩:活珊瑚。

Perhaps it rightfully evokes our desire to lead more sustainable, mindful lives, love Mother Nature in all of its beauty, 和 perhaps it’s simply a delicious, smile-inspiring hue we all need in our wardrobes. Haven’t had a chance to give it a go? Here are a few ways you can introduce it to your 风格 和 wear it proudly all throughout 2019 to make it more vibrant!


还记得如果您敢穿这种颜色的鞋,紫外线会给每件衣服带来怎样的光彩?今年,如果您准备好振兴自己的鞋类,那么活珊瑚将为您的工作增添一丝活力。想像 高跟鞋, sleek 和 simple, boasting this delicious tone! It will break the monotony of any serious outfit such as a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans.

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Living coral isn’t reserved for heels, however. You’ll soon see stores fill up with sneakers in this juicy tone, ready to make any pair of clean whites redundant. Okay, not redundant, but at least on hold for a while as you keep your toes toasty in this joyous color. Come summer, you’ll want to wear sandals in this shade, too! It’s a perfect way to start small, but prominent, 和 work your way up towards entire ensembles clad in this hue.


考虑要采取其他婴儿步骤,为您的外观增添这种神圣的阴影吗? Swimwear 和 beachwear in general are excellent options for this mindset. Why? Because you can play around with so many other different shades, learn how to mix 和 match with living coral, 和 see what works best for your own complexion. Think, for example, of sea-colored bikini bottoms paired with living coral tops, or adding a gauzy tunic in this shade. It adds a touch of contrast 和 brings your entire look to life!

how to wear pantone color-living coral- 西法's Corner

Equally pastel but powerful, the shade of the sea 和 sky is a soft azure that looks delightful with living coral. Mother Nature does it best, since corals do feel at home when paired with this soothing blue. White is another great pick, so you can go for lace-covered 礼服 ideal for the beach.  


Let’s go back inside for a moment, 和 take a look at another splendid way to rock living coral indoors. In conference rooms, staff meetings, seminars, 和 job interviews, living coral will indeed bring your black suit to life. You can start 通过 pairing high-waisted pants with a living coral jacket, a fine touch to a classy, but bold presentation.

how to wear pantone color-living coral- 西法's Corner

For bolder divas, there’s no such thing as too much vivacity, hence the freedom to pull off an entire living coral-colored suit. Monochrome suddenly surpasses its monotone impression when you infuse it with such a sunny tone. Add a pair of black stilettos 和 your entire ensemble will be celebratory from top to bottom!


Have we mentioned how easy 和 beautiful it can be to wear living coral as an accessory? Because it truly does make for an upbeat addition to any 风格. Bags of all shapes 和 sizes are useful for 时尚istas on the go, 和 you can use them to evoke smiles wherever you go if you dip them in living coral. There’ll be nothing ordinary about a pair of jeans, a clean white shirt 和 a Marc Jacobs bag 以这种语调为您的日常差事奔波。

how to wear pantone color-living coral- 西法's Corner



Spring 和 summer have been on our minds for a while now. Instead of simple white 礼服 和 button-downs, which remain staples of every 时尚ista’s closet, this year will be clad in living coral 礼服, living coral shorts, living coral tees, 和 living coral skirts.

how to wear pantone color-living coral- 西法's Corner

Add texture through feathers, frills, 和 flow, 和 you’ll have a jackpot for any casual outing. So creamy 和 uplifting, living coral will probably become a hue you’ll even want to wear on those lazy Netflix-binge nights.

时尚 has been in dire need of a color renaissance, 和 living coral embodies all that our world should stand for, all that 时尚 strives to be, 和 it represents all that is liberating about personal, authentic 风格.  


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how to wear pantone color-living coral- 西法's Corner

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