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最近有没有比著名的词更常见的词组 “新年,新我”? Most likely not, because the majority of us want to use the beginning of the New Year to have a clean 和 fresh start. It can be related to changing our lifestyle 和 exercising more, quitting an old job 和 embarking on a new career path or perhaps upgrading our 个人风格. There is truly no better way to start the New Year 和 the new decade than as a powerful woman with an amazing 时尚 sense. 

In order to help you achieve a great 个人风格, we bring you some useful tips on how to improve your 个人风格 和 enjoy 2020 as a confident 和 stylish woman.




This essentially means knowing your body type. Of course, it is important to know that beauty comes in all shapes 和 sizes, so it is only up to you to figure out what it is that you want to put emphasis on via your outfit choices. However, based on different 身体类型, stylists recommend various manners in which you can dress both 时尚ably 和 comfortably. Thus, you may want to accentuate your waist, your legs or you may even want to show off your arms 和 let the world see that you have been spending some quality time at the gym. In any case, remember that nothing is set in stone 和 that you can adjust almost any 时尚 item so that it looks fabulous on you.





购买您会长时间佩戴的高品质部件,例如豪华包, 优雅的名牌手表, or premium classic-design jeans is always a wise choice that is guaranteed to pay off in the long run. This will result in a wardrobe that may have fewer items but with every single one of them was carefully 和 thoughtfully selected 和 purchased. Moreover, you will finally get a chance to wear 和 love every 时尚 piece that you have bought 和 show your 个人风格.


始终看起来优雅时尚的“魔术配方”可以成为您始终依赖的经过测试和批准的一系列物品。这意味着了解您的个人风格,即您喜欢什么以及在您身上看起来什么样,并为2020年制作出个性化的制服。这样,您将始终拥有可与其他物品一起穿着或搭配的钉书针有点时髦。您的制服可以是经典的紧身牛仔裤和白色T恤,还可以搭配醒目的配饰(例如帽子, 围巾,手表或独特的珠宝。只需确保不要过度装饰,因为少就是多。只有一个有效的部件,例如简约的手表或可爱的丝绸围巾,比冒着大量混入大量配件的发粘风险要好得多。




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Finally, take your time to figure out what you love, what you aspire to, 和 what suits you when it comes to 时尚. Having a minimalist but carefully selected wardrobe will be one of the best decisions you have made in 2020. 



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